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you can do hair dye in pregnancy

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Can I do the pregnancy dye? Are hair dyes during pregnancy dangerous? The idea that potentially harmful substances, which could be present in the products used for dyeing, passing through the blood vessels present in the scalp can reach the unborn child through the placenta, seems unfounded. The substances used in these products are pre-evaluated and approved by the European Scientific Committee and their use in pregnancy is considered to be absolutely safe. As a precaution it would be better to do the tint only once a month and with a short laying time more than anything because during pregnancy is more frequent the risk of allergic reactions of the mother. For the maximum precaution we avoid tint in the first three months of pregnancy, when the process of formation of the fetus is at its maximum. Then, to reduce any allergic phenomena, you can do the skin sensitivity test by applying a small dose of tincture on the skin, following the instructions in the product warnings, and checking what happens: if within 48 hours they appear in the area of redness, itching or swelling, the product should not be applied. We avoid treatments that penetrate deep into the scalp, we prefer reviving vials, reflective sprays or hair mascaras, whose coloring particles are linked to resins from the fixative action and other components that remain on the surface of the hair without coming into contact with the skin and root. Usually, their effect disappears after a shampoo. The colors to prefer are those with light oxidation, these are slightly oxidizing colors that cover the white hair well without a decisive change in the hue. The duration varies depending on the amount of oxidant present in the product; Classical oxidation colors: they are very penetrating solutions or cream emulsions that fix the dyes in the deepest part of the hair thanks to the action of ammonia or other basic substances (alcaline). Opening the scales of the hair allows the active ingredients to enter it. These are permanent colors because they permanently change the color of the hair. The ammonia-free dits still contain other fixatives to make the color penetrate the hair, but have the advantage of being less allergenic.

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